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when did this become a bad poetry / music journal?   
02:06am 03/03/2008
mood: creative
i finally just saw "once" and fuck, it's just heartbreakingly beautiful.

it made me pick up my guitar for the first time in quite a few months, and somehow some words poured out of me and made a song. it's set to a pretty simple melody which is just a touch derivative of "falling slowly" (same chords, though in a different progression and tempo) and which you'll just hafta imagine for now. not to mention that the overall tone of it is more than a bit sappy, but i kinda like that for a heartbreak song.

i'm going to have to stop writing such lovelorn stuff sometime. but not yet, i suppose, not until i get it back.

there's a crack
in the earth
where you told me
it's over

there's a fire
burning through me
i can't stand it
any longer

and if somewhere i said
that maybe it's dead
well babe don't you wish
i was wrong?

there's a star
shining above me
guiding me to
where i belong

there's a light
shining from you
and i want to follow
but i can't

and if somewhere you said
that maybe it's dead
well babe how i wish
we could make it alive
and be happy again
find the laughter within
if i cry will you help me
forget all the pain?

there's a crack
in the earth
where you told me
it's over.

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bad poetry? i hardly know 'er!   
01:05am 14/02/2008
  shall we settle to a life
of domestic complacency
you bring home the bacon
i'll fry it for the kids

shall we take our lives to bed
tucked in well under the covers
wake up fake up shake and bake up
sleep it off then go again

shall we have it less and less
love and laughs and time and sex
see you later see you never
seen you naked once this year

shall we call it done and over
recognize there's nothing there
wonder when we lost the good parts
will we care once we forget

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state of the union   
07:25am 04/01/2008
  not that it has much of anything to do with anything else, but i wanna note right here that i'm trademarking two terms for this upcoming U.S. presidential election season.

term the first -- a simple headline for yesterday's primary: "Iowa ♥ Huckabee." i just know some pundit out in the political blogosphere will want to steal this one from me. especially since it works so well for Idaho as well.

term the second -- which may well end up the name for this entire election, based on what will likely be the final match-up: "Barackabee." mark my words, the later mano-a-mano debates will be known as the Barackabee Affair.

terms the third and so on and so forth ad nauseum may be added at any time without prior warning. my platform is one of a strict opposition to term limits.

stay tuned for further installments of blog the vote, oh so very spider jerusalem style volume 2.

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sick poetry   
03:50am 20/12/2007
mood: you tell me.
some light-to-medium threat level bug is keeping me up and stockpiled on wadded-up germ-warfare ammunition. naturally, my mind strays to poetry. here are two versions of my crummy mood and restless mind, and the voting's now open as to the less-atrocious one.

EDIT: having somehow slept a few meager hours, i awoke feeling quite a bit less worse for wear and, deciding i would likely not fell all at work with the mighty thunder of an infectuous cough, got progressively better through a hot shower. so better, in fact, i unintentionally started singing one version when trying to recall the mad poetry my feverish mind snorked up in its delirium. giving myself a chuckle and improving my mood by a lot, it was an alternatingly miserable, plaintive and jovial song, just-shy of channeling some wizened delta bluesman. stevie ray vaughn-ish, you might say. which should give you a good idea which version i apparently prefer.

the flu blues

i need your body, right now,
wrapped tightly around me:
limp limbs, achey joints,
runny nose, itchy eyes.

i need your soft words, right now,
pour them down my clogged earholes,
your warm voice to heal me,
sweet medicine prescribed.

i need your kisses, right now,
your lips on my shoulder,
one hand strokes my chest,
and one between my thighs.

i need your body, my love,
but used tissues disgust you,
the now-cold tea you left me
will just have to suffice.

the flu blues, too

i need your body, right now,
naked, wrapped all around me,
your warmth for my cold limbs,
runny nose, itchy eyes.

i need your soft words, right now
sliding down my clogged earholes,
your voice my sweet medicine,
no pills will suffice.

i need your kisses, right now,
at my neck, my tight shoulders,
hands stroking my chest
through each wet wheezing rise.

i need your body to cure me,
not "get off me" and pity.
all i ask is your love
and please, please spread your thighs.

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one of these days i'm gonna stop posting one-liners.   
03:43am 21/09/2007
  "go to sleep!" says the brain, "it's long past too late."

"fuck you," say the hands, "one more game."

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it's 4:30 a.m. on a tuesday.   
04:30am 11/09/2007
  you know what that means.  

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i hate being in transit.   
03:01pm 27/07/2007
  7 hours waiting for a flight in a Charles De Gaulle terminal is about 6.5 hours too many.

in other news: i don't care what people say, we're gonna have a baby.

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so long, farewell, oh hey how've you been?!   
02:36am 26/07/2007
  flying to israel today to attend my sister's wedding, as well as visit family and friends.

if you're reading this, i'll either see you in a few days or in about three weeks, depending on which side of the world you are.

unless you're the one stuck sort of in the middle between here and there, in which case i'll see ya in sao paolo sometime.

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i'm thinking mystery thriller. ish. in space maybe.   
04:16am 19/07/2007
  it's time to write again. and write well.

the question is what.

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it's practically a zoo over here   
09:38am 23/05/2007
  first there were the quartet of fuzzy yellow-brown canada goslings (now two-weeks-old and the size of a small duck), then a trio of newly-hatched ducklings (little more than teeny-tiny waddling furballs, about the size of a gosling's head) and finally today there's a motley grey kitten wailing its heart out from the safety atop a tire in the wheelwell of a beat-down car parked near the pond...

spring is all about more animals in the kingdom, innit.

pics may follow later.

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fyremann's wake   
12:06am 22/04/2007
  so last night some friends decided a bonfire on the beach at Golden Gardens Park was in order, and we all proceeded to crash one created by someone else as part of a wake.

we did not know that last bit at the time we lit that perfectly made pyramid, with the sturdy wheelbarrow and pair of lawn chairs next to it.

(so perfect, in fact, that when an odd fellow passed by us, a Moldavian ("i was born in Transylvania!"), he had to stop and comment on how 'our' fire was "the fire-iest fire" he'd seen on the beach. and he'd been coming there for 9 years. we didn't let on that nary a drop of hard work or craftsmanship came from us until he came calling again later, on his way back to the other side of the beach.)

but i mean, right? who sets something like that up and then up and leaves it completely abandoned for two hours?

well, turns out one of the people who were renting out the big lodge-type gathering hall 200 feet down the beach, having their big get-together sendoff for a recently deceased wood artisan friend.

again, having not quite known that at the time, we just about had no choice but to hold a match to the tempting bundle and applaud as the well-soaked wood burst into flame (a careful mixture of lighter fluid and diesel does the trick, we were later educated) and a bonfire crackled to roaring life.

good news was it seemed rather appropriate to the fellow responsible for that perfect setup that someone would enjoy his tribute to his friend so much. nay, not merely enjoy, but stoke it as tenderly and carefully as we had. this was a fire we had cared for, someone else's fire that we were merely borrowing. we made sure that fire could be returned to its rightful creator in the best condition possible, as fire-iest as it ever had been.

then we kinda high-tailed it the fuck out of there.

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c'mon get down with the sickness   
11:08am 13/04/2007
  i've been coughing up some nasty stuff these past few days. scary stuff. thick, viscous, chunky stuff.

stuff in all the happy colors of the greenish-beige rainbow.

all being the last welcome-overstaying after-effect of a 24-hour bug i fought off last weekend, a whole rollercoaster of chills, thrills and spills that had me down and out for most of this week. that i probably unintentionally picked up while working at this pointless office gig. yes, i'm doing some steady temp work around town, be it shitty brainless but well-paying office crap like right now or the far-more-palatable yet less-bank-account-enriching game and hardware testing on Xbox 360 that i should be getting back into soon.

in other news: horrifying stuff. but i'm better now.

oh yes, this monday is my 30th birthday. *looks around * fuck, no Oscar yet. well, let's raincheck that 5 years.

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i love meat, but (maybe) not as much as i love boobies.   
01:00am 27/01/2007
mood: toss up - schwing! vs. eeewww!
just to counter-point the previous entry (well, more like non sequitur it, i suppose.)

PETA's doing a bang-up job of convincing me to give up fur. oh, what's that? already don't wear any? shit. looks like i might hafta go veg, then.

since lj unfortunately won't support a direct embedded video that's not from any of the major recognized sites (blah on you, lj!), you'll hafta clicky on the chicky. at least PETA will get more traffic. come back to me sometime, though. *pout*

oh, need i say NSFW? i needn't. i mean, it sure as all getout is NSFW, but you all probably had a hunch that was the case, so i needn't have said it. ah, dammit, now i've said too much. on with it!

watch more PETA videos at PETATV.com.

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i think i just found a job i'd be perfect at.   
10:58pm 26/01/2007

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major storm hits pacific northwest, film at eleven.   
06:15pm 15/12/2006
mood: electric boogaloo
power outage for the past 24 hours over at least half the city, not to mention the entire state.

including our entire aparetment complex.

also, a clogged storm drain on our roof sent water down our walls to trickle merrily, then cascade thunderously, out of several of our doorframes. luckily one of the childrens caught it right around the outset so we were able to lay some towels and buckets down to prevent much floodage.

finally the power came on an hour ago, so the kids can finally watch some tv (OMG they almost had to not watch any tv all day!) and i can toss a rather thawed-out frozen pizza in the oven.

good times.

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hooray for my sister's computer, then, huh?   
01:14am 26/09/2006
  being half a world away from my sweet darling love sux.

being half a world away from my sweet darling love with very little internet access sux fifty times worse.

i miss you, my love, fully and truly and maddeningly... sigh.

see you so very soon. and then i ain't letting you outta my sight for days.

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toothpaste & piss   
01:35pm 17/08/2006
  that's what our main bathroom at my customer service job smells like.

it didn't smell like that a few hours ago, when i also had to pee -- the air conditioning is up on high in the office for some reason, and my bladder's going all little girl-y on me -- so somebody must have brushed before/after lunch.

who are these people?

more importantly, why is that the first thing i've felt like blogging about in the past few weeks?

guess we're growing apart, lj. you've got your dramas and i've got my very happy life to have. see ya around sometime.

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describing the joy going on here is nigh impossible.   
09:56pm 26/07/2006
  thanks to the miracle of the modern interwebz0rx, we now have six pretty packs of tim tams.

guess i've gotta get addicted to coffee again for a little while.

small price to pay for absolute heaven.

in other news: i just officially moved in with the love of my life. happy apartment with a room for each of the girls and a duck pond right beneath our terrace. pics to follow sometime.

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home making and wrecking.   
10:04pm 11/06/2006
  i made two pillows this weekend.

sewing machine and all, don'tchaknow.

a blue star and a pink flower with an even pinker center.

all very plush and soft and squeezable.

for my love's two little girls.

who adore me. sort of.

when they're not mercilessly teasing me under the leadership of a bratty older girl.

on a sleepover.

which invloved much screaming of young heads off, and mine ears.

surprisingly, i'm in the best mood i've been in for weeks.

world cup, baby. and the exciting stanley cup finals don't hurt, either.

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just my girl and me   
01:25pm 25/05/2006
  i love love love love love my baby.

we're gonna move in together and have the most wonderful life.

just wait.

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